8 Types of CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are capable of providing great assistance to you with enhancing your overall security and protection at home. However, you need to make sure that you are buying the best security cameras that are available in the market to end up securing the best outcome from it. That’s where you should be aware of the different CCTV camera options available for you to buy. Here is a list of the most prominent CCTV camera types available for you to purchase from the market.

CCTV Camera Types

1. Dome Camera


If you want to purchase a camera for indoor surveillance, you need to settle down with the dome cameras. It is the most popular indoor camera option available for your purchase in the market. However, you will also come across situations where the dome cameras are used for outdoor surveillance purposes as well.

The best thing about dome cameras is their shape. Due to the unique shape that you can find in the dome cameras, onlookers will not be able to clearly figure out which direction it is facing. You will also be able to find a solid construction in these dome cameras. Hence, you will be able to enhance the protection of your home and keep that for a longer period of time. You will find it an easy task to proceed with the installation of the dome camera on your own as well. It can also provide you with quality images at night time with IR night vision technology.

2. C-Mount Camera

C-Mount CameraThe C-Mount Cameras come along with lenses, which you can detach. In fact, you will be able to enhance the versatile experience offered by the camera by changing the lens according to your preferences.

Different lenses are available for the different applications that you want to use. In general, a C-Mount Camera will be able to provide you with a long-distance coverage, which measures around 40 feet. The special lenses that come along with the camera will provide you with the support needed for covering such a long distance. However, these cameras can deliver the best results when you are using them for indoor purposes. That’s’ why C-Mount Cameras are popular for commercial settings.


3. Bullet Type Camera

Bullet Type CameraBullet type cameras are the long, cylindrical-shaped cameras. These cameras are ideal for outdoor use. You will be able to discover them in both residential and commercial settings. The best thing about bullet type cameras is that they can provide you with long-distance vision. Since these cameras are developed for outdoor purposes, you can find them coming along with protective casings. These are covered against dirt and dust. On the other hand, you will be able to mount the bullet type camera on a mounting bracket as well.

The bullet type cameras can provide great footage at night time. You can also end up with receiving a high quality image resolution from these cameras. Hence, you will never regret about the decision taken to get these cameras installed at home.

4. Wireless Camera

Wireless CameraAs the name implies, wireless cameras are not bonded by wires. These wireless cameras are mainly using Wi-Fi technology for communication purposes. You will be able to get them connected to a Wi-Fi router, so that you can take a look at the footage. The centralized hub can be used to collect footage offered by the wireless cameras and upload them to a cloud based on your preferences as well.





5. Day/Night Camera

Day/Night CameraThe Day/Night Cameras can deliver positive results to you in both poorly lit environments as well as ordinary environments. You can find an in-built set of infrared illuminators in these cameras. Hence, it is possible for you to capture images clearly with the help of the cameras. On the other hand, you will be able to get hold of extra sensitive footage captured with the help of Day/Night Camera. You will be able to use a Day/Night Camera and record footage in both color as well as in black and white. Moreover, a variety of options are available for the people who purchase Day/Night Cameras as well.




6. Varifocal Camera

Varifocal CameraWhen you deep dive and take a look at Varifocal Cameras, you will notice that they provide you with the opportunity to adjust the focal length based on your preferences. Therefore, you will be able to get a clear view of footage that you want to capture at all times. In other words, the Varifocal Cameras can assist you to overcome the issue associated with dead zones while you are using traditional fixed lens cameras available in the market. The level of focus that you can receive is superior.




7. Infrared/Night Vision Camera

Infrared/Night Vision CameraInfrared cameras or night vision cameras are ideal for capturing footage during the night time. That’s because infrared bulbs are used in these cameras to illuminate the surroundings. Hence, you will be able to get a clear view, even if no source of light is present. This can provide a convenient viewing experience to you. Moreover, these cameras are in a position to capture solid images as well. Hence, you can end up with securing quality results with the help of it.





8. Network/IP Camera

Network/IP CameraNetwork cameras or the IP cameras are widely designed to help people to stream captured footage over the internet. These cameras are popular among homeowners out there in the world as well. That’s because they can monitor footage captured at home while staying at a remote location. You need to pair the network camera or IP camera with Wi-Fi router that you have at home. Then you will be able to get the functionality delivered by it. You will be able to overcome maintenance hassle as these cameras come with less cabling.





These are the most prominent CCTV camera options available for you to buy. Go through the list of options and buy the best CCTV camera based on your needs.

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