10 Best Microwave Oven In India 2021

A Microwave oven is a great kitchen appliance to grill, bake, or reheat different food items. The use of this amazing technology saves a lot of a person’s time and effort. Microwave ovens are super convenient. It helps in heating food more quickly than a conventional oven. There are some factors that should be properly observed before selecting the right type of oven for your home. The decision must be based upon your food habits, family size, etc. Different types of microwave ovens are available in the market. One can easily buy one according to their desire and requirement.

Top 10 Best Microwave Oven in India

There are a large number of articles on the internet about the risks microwave radiation poses to your food. Some claim using a microwave can cause “cataracts and cancer”. Another post says it “zaps the nutrients right out of your food”. No research has shown or claimed a connection between the usual consumption of microwave-cooked poultry and cancer minimizing possibility. Always try to evade overcooking vegetables to reduce nutrient losses. There are a large number of food items that are not microwave-safe.

The best approach is to check the labeling on the package before microwaving your food. Follow all the instructions that are mentioned in the packet. In case if some package is not marked as being microwave-safe, then do not place it in the microwave oven. Some of the best microwave oven in India are as follows:

1. IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2)

IFB 30 L Convection Microwave Oven (30BRC2)

This IFB 30L convection microwave oven is appropriate for big and large families. This microwave is the best microwave oven in India. Its dimensions are (H X W X D-mm) 300 x 539 x 440. It may be utilized for heating alongside barbecuing, warming, defrosting, and cooking. It has a guarantee of 1 year on the product and 3 years on Magnetron and Cavity. It is controlled by its Touch Key Pad (Membrane) which is delicate to contact and simple to clean.

Its Child Lock guarantees total security particularly for homes with little kids. This security lock avoids microwave mishaps when you have kids around. Exceptional highlights incorporate 101 auto-cook menu alternatives, express cooking, auto warm and freshen up, weight defrost, steam clean, and multi-arrange cooking. Another advantage of this oven is that the brand gives a starter kit with this item. Its Auto Cook Settings help alter your auto cook settings devoid of dropping them. It also has an option of Rotisserie which helps in planning scrumptious, equally fresh, and sautéed meat dishes simple, particularly valuable when cooking poultry.

It can also ferment at your recreation – mixture/player/milk items anything you desire. This oven gives complete germ care as well as cleans child bottles and other imperative utensils in minutes. Steam Clean is additionally added just to liberate your microwave from oil in merely minutes utilizing steam. Hence give perfect cleaning after an oily Indian supper. Its Multi-Stage Cooking highlight encourages your Auto set to cook in various styles. It also Stores 3 kinds of cooking cycles in its memory. Keep the temperature of your food consistent without overcooking stress. Go through this low pulse to an hour and a half. A variable force and bill sparing component that presents pre-set verdicts relying upon leading your menu.


  • This microwave oven is suitable for larger families
  • It is easily used for baking all along with reheating, grilling, cooking and defrosting
  • It is easy to clean and use
  • It contains a child lock which provides safety especially for people with small children


  • The heating rod inside the microwave oven got burned out

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2. LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)

LG 32 L Convection Microwave Oven (MC3286BRUM)

The LG 32L convection microwave oven is the best oven in India. This 32-liter limit over is splendidly reasonable for large families. As it is a convection model, you can utilize it for different options like heating, flame broiling, warming, defrosting, and cooking, and numerous more. This microwave has 211 Indian auto-cook menu alternatives. Consequently, it is a generally useful microwave. Here are its best highlights. The Diet Fry option in this oven empowers you to set up your preferred seared eatables like samosas, pakoras, and others with a base amount of oil without settling on the taste factor. This stove is equipped for baking twelve various sorts of Rotis like Kulchas, Parathas, Naans, Lachchas, Rumali Rotis, Tandoori Rotis, etc at one pinch of a catch.

The ‘Pasteurize Milk’ option dispenses with the need to heat up the milk, along these lines giving no space to spillage. This component warms the milk at a temperature underneath the boiling point of milk and aids in safeguarding the supplements. Subsequently, it keeps away from the requirement for any supervision while avoiding defilement. In this way, you get spare time and work. Another one-of-a-kind component of this microwave is that it makes ghee shortly. Indian foods like Paneer and Chicken tikka requires even dissemination of warmth from all points. This convection stove provides 360-degree rotation to empower the readiness of your grill plans too. The multi-cook Tawa helps in even the circulation of warmth. This stove accompanies a hardened steel cavity that is strong and empowers uniform warming by giving better reflection. Preparing Rotis is perhaps the best element of this convection microwave. The Tandoor technology present in this microwave oven replicates a genuine Tandoori kitchen with temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius.


  • It is a convection oven which means it contains three options i.e. microwave, grill or bake
  • It also contains some other interesting features like auto cook, diet fry, and pasteurization


  • You have to be careful and aware of what utensils and materials you place in this oven. If you place some dish in the microwave that is no microwave-safe then it will set off a chemical response among the plastic and food resulting in uneatable food and melted dish.

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3. Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL)

Samsung 28 L Convection Microwave Oven (CE1041DSB2/TL)

This Samsung 28L convection microwave oven is truly outstanding in the business regarding presentation combined with its appealing looks. Furthermore, it is one of the easiest microwaves to utilize due to its easy-to-understand highlights. This oven makes the perfect curd, whereby you don’t need to surge out to get a curd parcel from the departmental store whenever. The advanced fermentation technology empowers you to set the perfect temperature, accordingly guaranteeing that you appreciate the custom-made curds and mixture whenever needed. Different cooking alternatives are accessible with the pre-customized nearby plans that empower you to get ready lip-smacking food for your family every day. A button is enough to set up the tastiest food plans, some of which you get at great eateries.

This convection microwave lets you play out an assortment of tasks, for example, heating, flame broiling, cooking, aging, and significantly more. The oven accompanies an aerodynamic handle to empower you to open the entryways with no object. The turntable size of 318mm is sufficiently big to let you place huge vessels for cooking rice or vegetables. This oven accompanies an LED show includes that are not difficult to peruse and comprehend. The Quartz convection heater is of the highest caliber. It includes a sheath flame broil warmer for a phenomenal presentation. This is good for the household too.


  • It is suitable for large families
  • A microwave oven uses much less room in the kitchen. It is perfect for those people who reside in limited living space
  • It helps in saving a lot of time and effort


  • It must be handled with care otherwise it doesn’t work well

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4. IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4)

IFB 23 L Convection Microwave Oven (23BC4)

This IFB 23L convection microwave oven model is a perfect one for the standard Indian group of three to four people. The convection type guarantees that this oven is appropriate for barbecuing, warming, heating, defrosting, and cooking. IFB microwave accompanies simple to-utilize highlights like digital time display that keeps you educated about the cooking time and force level and time at each phase of utilization. The Child Lock feature makes it an amazingly protected machine to utilize. It keeps the kids away from the oven, in this way shielding them from any harm or damage. Other wellbeing highlights include sensor breakdown protection and overheating security.

The fermentation feature of this oven makes it a magnificent one to make your mixture, hitter, paneer, and curds. The positive part of this convection oven is that you can clean your child’s bottles and different utensils within minutes. The Steam Clean choice empowers brisk cleaning of the pit. This element cleans the oil and grimes you as a rule experience in an Indian formula. This broiler highlights Auto Cook Settings that encourage you to change any of the 70 pre-modified menus depending on your necessities without adjusting the first projects. The Express Cooking feature enables instant cooking where you need to set the weight and press the Start button. It considers multi-arrange cooking, as this stove highlights three distinct sorts of cooking cycles in its memory.


  • It is suitable for families with 3 to 4 members
  • It comes with 1 year on Product & 3 Years on Magnetron & Cavity warranty
  • It contains auto cook menu options, and steam clean.


  • This microwave oven is smaller in size. They contain limited capacity. Due to this reason, they are not considered as the best option for large families.

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5. BPL 20L Convection Microwave Oven (BPLMW20C1G)

BPL 20L Convection Microwave Oven (BPLMW20C1G)

With a BPL 20L convection microwave oven, you can without much of a stretch plan suppers for your family across the board go. Regardless of whether you choose to heat, flame broil, cook, warm or defrost, this microwave from BPL can do everything. Welcome to the universe of speedy and contemporary cooking. A decent conductor of warmth, the treated steel depression considers the even course of warmth, cooking your food consistently. Without scratch and stain safe, it makes BPL’s microwaves last more. It is made from a wide scope of plans all at the dash of a catch. You can select from a scope of auto-cook choices, which astutely align time and warmth as per your different cooking needs. This guarantees your food won’t overcook! With the shrewd force choice component, you can choose from various force levels that are ideal for different cooking capacities. Monitor vitality by modifying your capacity utilization.


  • It is suitable for bachelors or small families
  • It comes with the 1-year product and 1-year magnetron warranty
  • It contains a touch Key Pad which is responsive to touch and simple to clean


  • It is not suitable for larger families

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6. Morphy Richards 20L Solo Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards 20L Solo Microwave Oven

This Morphy Richards 20L solo microwave oven is perfect for little families, as it takes into account their whole prerequisites. This oven is a performance microwave. One can make use of it for warming, defrosting, and cooking. This oven accompanies five force levels that empower you to cook according to your necessities. It licenses you to change the temperature as indicated by the food you need. The manual timer is simple to utilize. If the brand doesn’t accompany a starter kit. You can download one from the web.

This oven has a rotational dial to make it simple for the client to control the microwave capacities. It can be helpful when you utilize the broiler for substantial exhibitions. Defrosting meat and other solidified foods are helpful when you utilize this performance microwave. It is conceivable to warm the solidified nourishment in the wake of defrosting the equivalent without influencing its dietary benefit. The best part of solo microwaves is that they devour minimal intensity of all the various kinds of microwaves. Morphy Richards’ performance microwaves accompany wonderful highlights that maintain a strategic distance from coincidental damage to the clients. In any case, you should practice care when opening the oven to embed or expel vessels when the stove is working.


  • It is suitable for small families
  • It comes with 2 years product warranty
  • It contains tactile buttons to set the timer, temperature and Jog dials that are easy to use with an extensive life


  • It does not come with a starter kit

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7. Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT)

Bajaj 17 L Solo Microwave Oven (1701 MT)

This Bajaj solo microwave oven producing a temporary fad with a 17-liter limit stove that is perfect for couples and single men. This microwave is unique from the others since it features mechanical control knobs to keep up and control the temperature and warming level contingent upon the kind of food you cook.

This performance microwave accompanies a novel 30-minute clock to control your cooking prerequisites. It highlights a built-in caution system that alarms you on finishing the cooking procedure. This oven accompanies five force levels, in this way upgrading the simplicity of preparing your preferred food. Heating and flame broiling is not feasible because this stove doesn’t take a shot at the convection instrument. In any case, the microwaves can deice your foodstuff in the speediest manner possible, along these lines guaranteeing that you have warm nourishment to serve your family consistently. The warming and heating capacities let you heat the prepared food without stressing over overcooking them.


  • One can select among 5 different power levels to cook as per your need
  • It is easy to use and clean
  • It can be used for reheating, cooking, and defrosting


  • It is not suitable for larger families

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8. Samsung 23L Solo Microwave stove (MS23J5133AG/TL)

Samsung 23L Solo Microwave stove (MS23J5133AG/TL)

This Samsung solo microwave oven is a performance microwave. It can perform basic functions like warming, cooking, and defrosting. This microwave accompanies an excellent plan with remarkable highlights. The CMF configuration (Colour, Materials, Finish) structure contains hardened steel and mirrors. It highlights a ceramic cavity that gives abundant reflection to microwaves to empower uniform cooking. In addition, artistic insides are not difficult to clean since they have scratch-safe properties. The artistic insides offer 99.9% enemies of bacterial insurance too. The food warming element is perhaps the best element of this microwave. It can keep the food warm for broadened periods without over-cooking it. Along these lines, you wind up serving hot and tasty food to each individual of your family.

Cooking according to your preferred plans is a straightforward undertaking, as this performance microwave comes with 16 pre-modified recipes ranging from green beans to rice and boneless chicken bosoms to ground salmon steaks. Defrosting is speedy and quick without the nourishment getting spongy. It keeps up the taste and sustenance levels in the defrosted food. Melting margarine or chocolate is simple since this microwave accompanies four modes for doing as such in the most ideal way. This stove includes a straightforward LED display that enables the client to know the planning, power levels, and other fundamental perspectives required for the effective activity of the oven. It accompanies various controls like performance, judgment, and dial control catches. The defrost button demonstrates when you need to defrost meat and other food. The Keep Warm function is perfect for warming milk without stressing over the milk bubbling and overflowing the insides of the oven.


  • It contains Solo, dial, and tact control buttons
  • It contains power consumption and power defrost function


  • The front glass of this microwave oven is too dark to view the cooking inside the cavity
  • The door frame also doesn’t match in level with the touch screen control panel when closed

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9. LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB)

LG 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (MH2044DB)

LG grill microwave oven toll superior to their independent partners due to the extra office of barbecuing grilled foods. Although this broiler isn’t perfect for heating cakes or Rotis, the flame broil microwave can do an assortment of exercises like defrosting, warming, barbecuing, and cooking nourishment. This oven features Intellowave technology to guarantee quicker and more advantageous cooking. This protected innovation empowers uniform dispersion of microwaves over the hole, along these lines guaranteeing faster cooking.

The factor of a concealed Quartz heater reduces superfluous coincidental burning of your hands when you place your vessels inside the depression. Since the warmer is covered up, it takes into consideration more space inside the stove, in this way enabling you to put bigger vessels to prepare more food at once. It guarantees that a noteworthy extent of the pre-set cooking menus obliges the necessities of the wellbeing and calorie cognizant individuals. Vitality saving comes normally to LG. The oven has an element that switches off the primary showcase that it detects over five minutes of idleness. The touch keypad is touchy yet safe to utilize and simple to clean.


  • It is suitable for small families
  • It can be used for grilling along with defrosting, cooking, and reheating
  • Contains child lock
  • Contains user manual


  • It is not suitable for large families

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10. Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (2005 ETB)

Bajaj 20 L Grill Microwave Oven (2005 ETB)

Bajaj 20 L grill microwave oven is helpful for warming nourishments, just as for planning mouth-watering dishes. This 20-liter microwave should do the trick for single men and couples. Indeed, even little families comprising of three individuals can utilize this oven for their everyday use. This oven involves nine pre-set auto-cook options to look over, consequently making it simple for you to cook your preferred dishes. The Bajaj microwave accompanies double defrosting alternatives. It empowers you to defrost by weight or by time. Utilizing the weight alternative is perfect in the case that you have a gauging scale at home. The appliance naturally chooses the time required for defrosting your solidified nourishments relying upon its weight.

It highlights five force levels that enable you to prepare your food at different temperatures relying upon your prerequisites. This stove accompanies a child lock system to forestall coincidental misuse by your kids. The electronic controls, cooking finishing alert, and an hour-long computerized clock finish the checking parts of this appliance. This oven is light and convenient. It is to be sure the best flame broil microwave for home and small shops.


  • Cleaning this microwave oven is not a difficult job to perform.
  • The temperature of the microwave oven can be set precisely. This functionality gives more control in the preparation of food.
  • This oven is more efficient and well-organized.
  • It is not only used for heating purposes. You can use it to prepare food from scratch like cookies, polenta, poached eggs, popcorns, mac, and cheese, etc.
  • It does not produce any kind of sparks or flames so the children can also operate it easily.


  • It doesn’t come with a user manual
  • It is expensive

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Keep all the factors in your mind before making a purchase. A microwave oven is a very adaptable and resourceful appliance. It is appropriate for those who need a brisk meal in a short time. Selecting the correct type of microwave is important for rapid and suitable cooking.

How does Microwave Oven Works?

Microwaves are a type of wave on the electromagnetic spectrum slot in between radio waves and infrared radiation. In the case of microwave ovens, the most common wave frequency is roughly 2450 megahertz. A microwave oven is a metal box containing a magnetron. It heats or cooks foods much quicker as compared to a usual oven. When a microwave oven is switched on, the electricity is converted into microwaves by means of a magnetron.

These microwaves enter into the food and stimulate fat, sugar molecules, and water, generating heat and therefore, helping us to cook or heat up the food. Whereas, on the other hand, conventional ovens heat the food from outside in. In this heating approach, the outer surface of the food is exposed to heat for a longer time. However, in microwave ovens, as the microwave penetrates the food, the food is cooked more evenly in less time. Thus, nutrition loss is less as it is exposed to heat for less amount of time.

Microwave Oven Buying Guide

One can select a microwave from the countertop, built-in, and over-the-range microwaves. Some of the common uses of microwave oven is reheating and defrosting. Different types of microwave ovens are available in the market. There are some important points which should be observed properly before making a purchase. One can purchase the correct one according to their choice and requirement.

Types of Microwave Oven

Selecting an appropriate type of microwave oven is not an easy job to perform. Some of the common types of microwave oven available in the market are as follows:

  • Grill Microwave Oven

These ovens come with extra grilling accessories. A grill microwave can avert soggy and mushy crusts on sandwich squares and pizza slices and keep meat from turning into a rubbery reheated clutter. The grill plate or rack that came with the oven is vital when using the grill job of the microwave. If you use any other metal plate for your oven then it can cause the appliance to spark. The use of a grill microwave oven allows you to cook and sear the meat without breaking down the enticing constitution of the meat or losing its crust, flavor, or breaded outer layer.

  • Solo Microwave Oven

These ovens are entry-level models in the category of a microwave oven. These ovens are considered best for reheat, and simple cooking. The machine cooks meals in minutes. It features innovative designs and unique functions. Buying a solo microwave will complement your kitchen well.

  • Convection Microwave Oven

This type of ovens contains a fan and a heating element to produce airflow patterns inside the microwave oven. These microwave ovens are best for baking and grilling purposes. An IFB 20SC2 convection microwave oven is the most popular and well-liked convection microwave oven.

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a New Microwave Oven

A microwave oven has undeniably become a crucial element of our lives, especially to the working class. Microwave emanates electromagnetic radiations of different wavelengths i.e. from one meter to one millimeter which is produced inside the oven by an electron pipe or tube usually termed as a magnetron. Magnetron works as a core component of a microwave oven. It discharges microwaves inside the oven making the water molecules in the food tremble so that heat can be produced.

The best thing about a microwave oven is that it draws a smaller amount of energy as compared to a conventional stove. On average a microwave oven consumes around 1100W of electrical energy to fabricate 700W of microwave power. Buying the perfect type of microwave oven is a hard nut to crack as there are hundreds and thousands of brands in the market making sky-high claims about their products and services. There are important points that can help you in picking the right type of microwave oven for your home or office.

Capacity and Kitchen

Microwave ovens are available in different sizes. Select the size of the oven according to the quantity of food you consume. Another significant feature while taking into account the dimension of a microwave stove is your kitchen where you want to place it. Consider all these points and then select the most appropriate option.


It is one of the most important factors which you should consider before buying a microwave oven. Analyze your budget first and then look for options that come in that budget.

The price of microwave ovens varies from extremely affordable to tremendously expensive. Pricing for microwave ovens can differ extensively depending on the type, size, type, brand, and features.


It is one of the most important factors which should be observed properly while buying a microwave oven. The electrical ovens usually consist of regular defrosting and heating systems along with other higher options such as auto cook, child lock, grill & bake, power settings, digital and mechanical timers, preheat functions, turntables, etc. So, always make sure of checking out a feature list before buying a microwave oven.


Always select a design and color scheme of an oven that matches the theme, paint, and, style of your kitchen. The companies offer a wide variety of creatively designed microwave ovens to accommodate the unstable needs of a large segment of customers.

A microwave oven works on a simple and easy standard for reheating and cooking victuals. It exposes the food to microwave emissions. This wonderful kitchen appliance proves to be accommodating and useful in many ways when it comes to gratifying one’s appetite. All the above-mentioned features help a person in buying the right type of microwave oven for their use.

Online Deals

Everyone wishes to get a cut-rate while making an appliance purchase. Always try to check the online website of the company from where you want to make a purchase. Look for all the deals listed on their website and then make your decision. Most companies update their customers from time to time and notify them about all the latest deals and packages. If you’re looking for some good eminence microwave oven on a fixed budget, then there’s no need to panic, look at the packages provided to you by the brand from where you want to make a purchase and then make your decision.

Best Microwave Oven Brands in India

  • IFB Microwave Oven
  • LG Microwave Oven
  • Samsung Microwave Oven
  • BPL Microwave Oven
  • Morphy Richards Microwave Oven
  • Bajaj Microwave Oven


Today every kitchen would seem incomplete without a microwave oven. Buying the correct type of microwave oven is not an easy job to execute. There is a wide range of options offered in the market. Completely identify your requirements first and then make the most appropriate decision. Purchasing the best microwave for your daily cooking can be troublesome and tiring. With 100s of microwave models to browse, finding the microwave that suits your usual cooking provisions can be overwhelming. So all of these above-mentioned ovens are suitable for anyone who loves cooking and baking both.

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