Air Cooler vs Air Conditioner – Which one is the best?

When you want to beat the heat and cool down your living space, you have two different options available to consider. Either you can go for an air cooler or you can purchase an air conditioner. We often see how people tend to get confused when they are trying to make a decision out of these two. That’s why we thought of writing this guide in order to explain the differences that exist between an air cooler and an air conditioner.

Air Cooler

Air Coolers are known as swamp coolers and evaporative coolers. They are designed with the objective of cooling down the air around. When the hot air particles are taken near the air cooler, their temperature will be reduced. The Air Cooler will keep on pumping cool air particles to the environment for that to happen. However, you will need to use water to get the cooling effect delivered by an Air Cooler. If you want to enhance the cooling effect, you can think about using cool water or ice cubes. You will be able to find a motor inside the Air Coolers. This motor keeps on pumping out cool air.

Features of an air cooler

Water that you insert into the Air Cooler will be evaporated and blown out. The motor is responsible for delivering this functionality. Check more here how Air cooler works in this PDF. You will be able to purchase an air cooler at a lower price tag. On the other hand, the operational cost associated with an Air Cooler is less as well. You will be able to get portable Air Coolers, unlike the air conditioners. Since Air Coolers keep on blowing out water, it can increase the humidity within your living space.

Air Conditioner (AC)

Air Conditioners can be considered as the most prominent cooling option available out there to purchase. They rely on refrigerants to deliver functionality. Refrigerant is a chemical, which is designed to absorb heat from your space. The Air Conditioner you purchase can circulate the air and reuse. While doing that, the air will be passed through the refrigerant. A compressor will be used in order to get the job done. Then cool air will be released into the insulated space.

Features of an Air Conditioner

The process that you can find inside an Air Conditioner is complex. In fact, you will be able to find two different physical units offered along with an Air Conditioner. These two units have to work hand in hand in order to deliver the cooling effect that you need. The first unit will be the evaporative unit. It is capable of drawing hot air from the living space. Then you can find the other unit, which is the condenser unit. This is where the heat transfer takes place with the help of a refrigerant chemical. The Compressor is located within the condenser unit as well. Cooled air will then be released back into your room via the evaporative unit.

Due to complex operation, Air Conditioners are consuming more energy. Hence, purchasing an Air Conditioner will contribute towards around 15% to 20% of the average energy expenses.

Comparison Air Cooler vs AC

Along with the information you have, you can take a look at this one on one comparison in between Air Cooler and Air Conditioner. Then you can make the decision on what the best option available for you to invest money.

Energy consumption

An Air Conditioner will have to do more work in order to provide the desired output when compared to an Air Cooler. In fact, there are two different physical units, which need to work hand in hand to deliver the functionality. Even inside these units, there is a complex operational work that has to be done. Therefore, Air Conditioners are consuming more energy. It has been identified that an Air Conditioner would require around 75% more work to complete the work that is done by an Air Cooler. Also, read guide on Inverter AC vs Normal AC.

Maintenance expenses

An Air Cooler will only need water and electricity in order to keep on providing cool air. You will have to fill in the water tank of the air cooler to get the functionality. However, you should only provide electricity for an Air Conditioner to deliver the day to day functionality. However, you will need to go ahead with routine maintenance, at least once in every three or six months. You will have to spend more money to get this job done.

Moisturizing effect

Air Coolers are giving out water to air. Therefore, you will be increasing the humidity in the living spaces with an air cooler. In case if you are living in a dry climate, the moisturizing effect will not be a problem. However, it is not something that people who live in humid environments should consider. On the other hand, air conditioners can deliver a dehumidifying effect. This is the main reason why Air Conditioners are recommended for the people who are living in humid environments. Also, Air conditioner comes with HEPA filter but Air cooler doesn’t have this system.


Air Conditioners are not the most environmental friendly units available. They are soaking up heat through a chemical. In most of the instances, HFC gases or CFC gases will be used to get the job done. These gases can create a negative impact on the environment. Therefore, people who are concerned about eco-friendliness shouldn’t go ahead with Air Conditioners.


You will be able to find a high level of portability from the air coolers. You will be able to move the air cooler that you have to any room in your house as well. Air Conditioners are not generally portable. However, you will still be able to find portable Air Conditioners. In order to get the functionality delivered by these portable Air Conditioners, you will need to attach the venting kit.

Keep these facts in your mind and decide whether you are going to buy an Air Conditioner or air cooler.  Or don’t forget to check our guide on Top 10 Air Conditioner in India and Top 10 Air Coolers to buy in India.

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