What is Dual Inverter AC?

In today’s world with the ever-increasing global temperature and pollution, Air conditioning is not just ordinary luxury home equipment anymore. Ever since their advent AC is one of the most common equipment in every home to cool your home’s interior and create a comfortable environment while improving the quality of air in your home. Learn Complete guide on What is Dual Inverter AC.

Before we go on to explain what is Dual Inverter AC, let us explore the reasons why AC is important for the daily life functioning of modern people.

Why is Air conditioning important?

Before we go on to discover what kind of AC suits your needs, let us explore the reasons why ACs are important. Besides the cool air, there are a lot of additional benefits of the ACs, let us explore the reasons why it is important to find the right AC:

  • A more secure home
  • Reduced possibility of Asthma Attacks due to clearer air
  • A cool environment to exercise
  • A decrease in the number of Insects and parasites
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Prevention of overheating of electronics
  • Improvement in your work performance
  • Reduction in the risk of dehydration
  • Reduction in the risk of heat stroke
  • Reduction in Noise.

What is Dual Inverter AC?

Now that you understand the importance of AC in your life, let us explain exactly what is Dual Inverter AC. Getting its name from “twin rotary compressor”, the Dual Inverter Ac is furnished with two compression chambers for the production of a phase difference for 180 degrees in the mutual compression timing leading to a lower rate of vibration, lower noise and higher efficiency in functioning making it one of the most stable equipment.

Another important aspect of the Dual Inverter AC is the temperature control leading to a gradual decrease in the room temperature to the desired temperature and then maintains the temperature using less power.

With a 1.5 ton capacity, the Dual Inverter AC can vary the tonnage from as low as 0.26 ton to as high as 1.71 ton according to the ambient conditions and your requirements. The tonnage of the AC helps determine the size of the room it can cool, so when we talk about the normal air conditioning 1.5-ton capacity, it will always run at the top capacity, but an air conditioner with dual inverter technology will only draw enough power to lower and maintain the temperature in the room, molding itself according to the requirements of the room.

This not only helps to lower the temperature of the room in an efficient manner but helps in the better maintenance thanks to the variable tonnage technology controlling the compressing speed and adjusting according to your needs. Dual Inverter AC saving up to 50% of running cost, the AC can work in adverse temperatures as high as 52 degrees Celsius.

Difference Between Inverter and Dual Inverter AC

Purchasing an AC meant just for your use is extremely important to find for a better performance graph. Now that we have explored what is Dual inverter AC, let us explore how and why it is better suited to your needs.

With the increase in the popularity of Dual inverter ACs rising in the recent age, more and more brands are now releasing their best version of the same in the market, each one just slightly different from others. However, before we look at the price tag, let us answer the nagging question in your mind. Why is a Dual Inverter AC better than the Normal Inverter Ac in your homes?

Let us tell you why.

Cooling methodology


The normal inverter AC works with dropping the temperature fine, but the maintenance of the required temperature with efficiency is something that it lacks. Any normal AC compressor would use the BLDC motor which works by varying the speed of the compressor according to the external demand.

On the other hand, the Dual inverter compressors use a more advanced version of the BLDC motors along with the twin rotation system, it provides a better cooling in the terms of precision of temperature control thanks to the variable tonnage and the speed with which it cools the room.

Energy consumption


Though even the normal inverter AC moderates the energy consumption, what makes Dual inverters better is simply their efficiency. Thanks to their twin compressor along with a wider operational range and lower frequency of rotation, the Dual inverter AC ends up using simply less energy when compared to the normal inverter AC.

For example, if we consider a 1.5 ton with Dual inverter technology, to a 1.5 ton in the normal inverter AC range, the difference in power consumption is less by as much as 800 units. If seen in the longer run, the Dual Inverter ACs will save you back at least 5000-6000 rupees annually making it a desirable infraction of money.

Noise creation

NoiseConcentrating on the normal or the single inverter AC, you will find in the description that it uses a singular cylinder-shaped rotary compressor. Now, the operation of a single compressor comes with the additional requirements of high-speed rotation further leading to a lot of vibration. Sitting in the room, you would probably feel the increase in the noise level, especially when you have just turned the switch on.

On the other hand, when the dual inverter AC is considered, with a phase difference of 180 degrees the AC works in the promotion of a more stable operation even at higher capacities. This stable operation would mean fewer vibrations, less whirring, and ultimately lesser noise. Many companies provide you a pin-drop silence guarantee, making your time with your loved one filled only with your laughter.


Finding the right air conditioner to suit your requirements in today’s world is nothing short of a task, however, to understand your exact needs is something even more difficult. Let us help you understand the basic difference between all the new introductions in appliances in the market and give you a trusted honest opinion. Stay tuned for more updates.

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