TV Buying Guide (For India) 2020

Television has grown to be one of the most elemental parts of every modern household and to imagine your life without it is now impossible. But with so many new introductions in the markets, the choice of finding the perfect TV for your home is becoming more and more difficult. To find the perfect choice let us provide you with a TV buying Guide for India.

The screen size of the TV

An age-old question of what TV is best suited for your room and your budget at the same time. People often go ahead and purchase a TV without considering what would suit their home. So, before you decide to buy your next TV, read this TV buying guide for India to make sure you find the perfect size before you invest.

TV is designed for different purposes and different places in your house. Here is a comprehensive list of the major factors to help you decide the perfect size of your room.


Resolution is the latest and oldest intervention in the TV manual, to help you decide what size of TV would suit. The simple equation of the two is that the higher the resolution the clearer you can see up close. In simple words, this indicated that you can sit closer to a 4k TV than a 1080p TV.

The resolution of your TV is an important part to consider whenever you are thinking about the size of your TV as if you can sit closer to the 4k TV set, you wouldn’t need a larger size of TV to fill up your field of vision.

TV positioning and Room Size

Before deciding on buying a TV you should consider the room you would be placing the TV in. As long as your furniture in the room that you place the Tv in is not glued to the floor, and you can have some mobility in the furniture, that is when you can have some flexibility in the choice of TV you get.

Along with the size of your TV, the furniture and size of the room will also help you in deciding a stand, a wall mount, or hang it.

There is a mantra to finding the perfect Tv for your perfect angle.

  1. Measure the distance between your TV and sofa
  2. Decide the resolution
  3. Measure the viewing distance

Here is the table that can help you to choose the right size of Television.

A combination of the three will help you find the perfect list of requirements to find the perfect TV for your house.



The display is another one of the major factors in the deciding factor finding just the right viewing partner. Use this TV buying Guide for India to get the right TV to fit in your budget and expectations.

In today’s world of digital media pushing boundaries to provide you with a life-like imitation in your viewing process, it has become almost impossible to find and set the perfect TV in your living room.

To help you find just that here is the demarcation in the provisions and features of a different set of television available in the market

Display Types


One of the most popular styles in the market right now, LED TVs are made up of thousands of little LEDs placed behind the screen to light up and show the pictures on the screen. A type of LCD Tv, the LED TVs work on the better end of the illuminating display.

The screens of an LED TV would be much brighter than that of its LCD and plasma counterparts.

There is an availability of models with local dimming technology that works by only lighting up the screen areas that are needed. This simply leads to the darkening of the black areas on the screen and the color becoming automatically brighter.

A slimmer construction of a television set allows you to fit it even in the most congested room settings with ease. Thanks to the lights, the bigger screen sizes are readily available too. Along with this, the Energy consumption for these models is very efficient as the LEDs work in producing a lot of light with small energy consumption.


The newest names on the list, these high tech screens are available for the tech-savvy ones in the list. OLED standing for Organic Light Emitting Diode, OLED works with smart pixel technology that can work in creating light themselves without any added electricity. Giving you the darkest blacks of any screen type, the screen provides you with more vibrant colors in the market working to redefine the color definition in the market.

Motion shots along with that work to display an amazing experience on the OLED TVs without any blurring what so ever, making it the best partner to watch your favorite football matches with.

The only thing that you need to worry about in these models is due to its novel nature the prices of the TV are higher than any other in the market.

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Introduced by Samsung, this technology was made to create a rival OLED. Fundamentally speaking the structural integrity of the QLED TC is similar to that of a LED Tv but it is made with an advanced and highly durable layer of quantum dots working in enhancing the picture quality you view.

Thanks to the making of the TVs, QLEDs provide the highest level of brightness and the greatest range of the color palette in the market.

However, QLED is not designed for the pixels to be individually illuminated, due to which you would not have a deeper contrast. This would allow the color shades to be closer to life. As we previously discussed There are a total of 7 types of television but the above mentioned are the best for now.



Speaking in simple terms, Resolution is known as the number of pixels that is used up to make an image. Meaning that the higher the resolution the more details you will see in your favorite movies, games, and of course TV shows. With so many options flooding the market, find the perfect resolution for your home with this TV buying Guide, India.

Generally speaking, there are three variants in the market in the present times that the companies present you.

1. HD Ready

HD Ready or 720p is made up of 1 million pixels to work with. Generally suited for the SD Set Top Box. Though this is a TV that is slowly fading out of the market due to its higher resolutions alternatives, there are many channels including all the ABCs, FOX, and ESPN that still broadcast at 720p right from the initial HD transition at the beginning of the 21st century.

2. Full HD

Full HD or the 1080p is made up with twice the HD Ready making up with almost 2 million pixels. One of the most famous in the market right now, this TV is perfect for HD Set-top Box, along with streaming apps including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and of course YouTube. Also known as the 2k Model speaking in the vertical resolution model, this is the latest fast-selling models in the market right now. If you confused between HD Ready and Full HD then check this guide on which one is the best HD ready or Full HD?

3. Ultra HD

The 4k TV which is the talk of the town or the Ultra HD model works with a whopping 8 million pixels providing you 8 times the clarity of an HD Ready model. The best for 4k players, Gaming along with Xbox, One X with 4k outputs, and ultra HD Blu-ray players. Mainly made for gaming, these are the TVs people generally choose when they want to dedicate an entire room for a home theatre due to their large size.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate is known as the number of times an image is changed on the TV screen per second. In other words, the Refresh rate is known as the frames per second and this needs to match the frame rate the footage is shot on or be lower than that to provide a flawless movement. Generally, the human eye can see the differences up to 50-60hz of movement and can detect the slow movement of the TV. If you are a person who enjoys sports, action movies, or gaming you would want a TV with higher refresh rates to make the experience a flawless one.

Contrast Ratio

Contrast Ratio

Contrast Ratio is the defining part of the details you would witness in the low light shots giving a more clean slate for your colors to be portrayed on the screen. In simple words, the higher your contrast ratio the more the details in your pictures would be visible especially in the dark screens.

If you choose a TV with the incorrect or low contrast Ratio, you can notice the grays on the screen where it is supposed to be black and due to this the other colors on the screen to be faded and thus hinder your viewing experience.


HDROne of the most widely used terms in the advertisements for televisions, the HDR or the high dynamic range helps in the production of the most vivid and close to real-life images thanks to the rich coloring palette.

Working with a combination of more color, more dark scenes, and increased brightness all at once to provide the most perfect viewing experience and better picture quality. This is made for the people who want the theatre experience at home.

Smart TV

Smart TV

One of the latest inventions in the TV market, Smart TV work to blur the lines between your laptop and your TV by providing you the option to connect with the internet from your home Wi-Fi or the LAN cable. You can simply sit in your bedroom and access the huge worlds of movies, on-demand videos, and games through the apps.

However, your smart TV can do more than just this. It can help your family relax and peruse through the pictures of the holidays on a frame large enough for everyone at the same time. Along with this, the TV is something your kids won’t be disappointed in, thanks to the videos and games they can play on the big screen instead of their phones.

However, like every set of television, it is important to take care of a few things before going on and finding the right kind of Smart TV for your home. Check the best smart TVs available in India.

  • The interface and the operating system and whether it is compatible with the devices already in your home. The OS allows helps you in choosing the apps you would be using to download and navigation on your TV
  • Storage and RAM In simple words, the higher RAM you purchase the more lag-free your experience would be. Along with this, the storage is also a deciding factor by providing your more content and apps that you can keep on your Television.
  • Casting and phone mirroring One of the most famous features of Smart TV is the possibility to cast the information on your small screen devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the screen of the television. You can use this feature to watch movies, play games, or even see photos.
  • Navigation and Remote control There are two possible controlling mechanisms of the smart TV, this includes the Voice control where the TV takes commands by your voice. And the other option is the Air mouse that requires you to point towards the TV and press your command with the help of buttons.


ConnectivityIn the world of so many gadgets, connectivity is a really important feature on your TV. To help you find the correct number of Ports your TV should have for your needs, read this TV buying Guide, India for help.

Input Ports

The input ports that come along with the TV for connectivity are as follows


This is one of the most simple Input ports, allowing the transfer of audio and video with the best quality transference possible. To find the right number of HDMI for your needs, look at the number of devices you want to connect with your TV at one point in time.


Another one of the input ports, the USB port helps in the transference of audio and video. Similar to that of the HDMI, the number of USB ports can be defined by the number of devices you want to connect to your TV set at one time.


One of the main portals to connect the video, this is ideally an old technology that seems to be fading from the modern face of televisions.

RCA port

The connecting port for the standard definition DTH, this is one of the most famous features of the HD Ready television set, this comes with a three-color input system with yellow white and red demarcation for video and sounds.

LAN port

One of the most famous features in the Smart Tv that connects to the internet, this port allows you to connect your TV set to the Cable interest for a seamless viewing experience.


A wireless connection allows the transfer of audio files, video files, and even pictures and documents for storage. This facility is let you connect the external Bluetooth speaker to your TV.

Output Ports

Along with this, you would have to take care of the output ports as well. For the connection of your TV set with the external speakers, home theatre systems, and headphones, there are three output ports you need to take care of.

3.5 mm Audio Out

Supporting a 3.5 mm Jack, this output port can be used to connect your television to any audio device that fulfills the criterion.

RCA Audio Out

This is one of the most preferable to have in your television set to provide you a good quality output with a minimum amount of loss of information.


Also known as the high definition multimedia interface Audio Return Channel, this output port allows the use of the same cable to share the signals to and fro a device. This allows the use of a single remote to control the entire work in the connection. A good output connection is made especially for gamers who want to be in total control of your device.


SoundOne of the major deciding factors of your viewing experience, the sound works in the determination of the output of your TV. Saying it in simple terms, the increased number of watts comes with an increased amount of sound.

If you don’t want to attach external speakers to your TV, you need to make sure that the wattage of your TV is higher especially if you are a fan of sports, cinema, music and of course movies. There are special modes on the TV that will adjust to the kind of program you are watching and make the experience of your favorite football match go without a hitch.

There are two main Sound technology in the market right now,

  • Dolby Digital or DTS premium
  • Harman Kardon.


TV is an indelible partner to every modern house and to make sure you get the right one, match your list with our TV buying Guide India, and make an informed choice.

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