Soundbar vs Home Theater System

The most common question is how to get high-quality TV sound? This question arises to most people in general. Television has changed over time, whether it being display, color technology, size, or broadcasting. The Soundbar vs Home Theater System both are well equipped with advanced features. 

Television has advanced technology with larger displays that would make the viewing experience more captivating to the eyes. Hence, to have a fantastic experience for the ears, it is crucial to have an external sound system that improves the audio quality. 

Improving the quality of TV sound depends on the convenience and affordability of the soundbar. The quality of the sound and the cost related to it also play a significant role. 

Which is better: Soundbars vs Home Theater System in India? It depends on the amount we wish to spend and the space you are willing to give up. Soundbars require significantly less space and money. In contrast, multi speakers need more space and are expensive. 

It is necessary to have a basic understanding of the two types of audio output devices. I have explained it in detail here. 

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Soundbar vs Home Theater System 2021

Before going to understand the difference between soundbar and home theater system, let us explore what is soundbar and home theater system briefly.

What is a Soundbar?

Best soundbar in India

A soundbar is a type of speaker which has high-quality TV sound, satisfying all the audio needs. There are several speakers placed in a single cabinet in a soundbar, which results in a stereo effect. It is a single soundbar that is placed in front of your TV and is flexible enough. Audio is produced from whatever is displayed on the screen by using bars. An external subwoofer is either included in it or can supplement the soundbar. 

Subwoofers are used to get a sharp sound, more power, and bass. Soundbars have varied audio options like surround sound, and they are single bars with speakers. They are easy to set up and less expensive as compared to other stereo sound systems. 

The soundbar comes with its amplifier and has various options to connect with a TV or a subwoofer. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and it could either be small to very thick model. Samsung HW-K950 is an example of this. This soundbar has built-in speakers, which gives the Dolby Atmos effect by the reflections from the ceiling. The surround effect can be attained by arranging the speakers in the room and the acoustics of the room. Speakers help us give more depth to the sound; if speakers are not present, they would never really surround themselves.  

The soundbar has many speakers within one bar. These speakers are easily fitted on the shelf or mounted on the wall. Usually, soundbars have to surround sound, whereas high-end soundbars come with “3D” mode. The result varies, but having a good quality soundbar will give you the best audio results.


  • Compact size
  • No cables required
  • No extra speakers
  • Subwoofers are present
  • Are less expensive
  • Easy to operate
  • Easily gets connected to Bluetooth and Wifi
  • Easy installation


  • It highly depends on the shape and acoustics of the room
  • Limited range of connections

What are Home Theater Speakers?

Best Home Theatre System in India

Home Theater Speakers includes multiple speakers that you can set easily anywhere in the room. These speakers come in a set, which permits a proper surround sound setup. It helps the listeners to hear every single beat, sitting anywhere in the room. It delivers the good audio performance and usually comes with 5.1 channel speakers or 7.1 channel speakers. 

These speakers occupy more space and are complicated to set up in the room. Home Theater Speakers are costly as compared to soundbars. These speakers provide us with the option of choosing the surround sound effect we wish to have. It depends on the set of speakers, whether it is 2.1, 5.1, or 7.1 surround channels. The surround channel highly depends on the number of speakers you have. 

Some home theaters even consist of bookshelf speakers, and some even come with floor-standing channels. You can either place the speaker on the floor or mount the satellite at four corners of the room. 

Home Theater speakers are the best option when you want your home to feel like home theatre and enjoy movie night. Surround channel systems 5.1 and 7.1 will deliver you the best audio performance. Most people prefer using 5.1 and 7.1 surround speakers, which means you will have 5 or 7 surround speakers and a central speaker, and a receiver. Before deciding to buy, here is a list of the 10 best 5.1 home theater system in India that will help you get the perfect deal!

Surround sound speakers are also known as satellite speakers, by having a combination of blu-ray players which provides high definition audio. Speakers occupy more space as compared to soundbars and also require more wiring.

Purchasing a new home theater system helps satisfy all the entertaining needs and would have fantastic sound quality. While going through these products, one can look at the 10 best home theatre system in India 2021, which would guide you through buying at your home.

Both soundbar and home theater have their own unique advantages and features.   


  • One can enjoy a surround sound experience.
  • Different surround channels available
  • Set up can be customized as per one’s wish


  • Many components are present
  • Requires a lot of wiring
  • Set up is quite complicated

Factors to consider before buying a Soundbar or Home Theater System


Sensitivity of the speaker refers to the power required to function the speaker properly. All the speakers are not equally effective, some of the speakers need more power, and an amplifier is also required. Less power is converted into acoustic energy by speakers having low sensitivity and more into heat. It also helps in deciding the longevity of the speaker. 

A speaker with high sensitivity produces more loud and clear sound. For a good quality sound, it requires a sensitivity rating of 92db. 

Frequency Response

Whether it be low, medium, or high, a speaker or soundbar can play audio at all levels. It helps to find the listening experience with these speakers. Frequency response can be defined as the difference between the lowest frequency and the highest frequency of the speaker. It is usually measured in Hertz (Hz). 

The audible range of humans is 20 to 20000 Hz. If the frequency is low, it is pretty hard for humans to pick it up. Frequencies lower than 35 Hz are felt by making use of subwoofers. To get an impressive quality, you should have speakers that provide a wide range of frequencies.

Power Handling

The wattage a speaker can bear depends on its power handling capacity. The higher the wattage, the more precise sound it can produce. For speakers, the input of power is measured in Watts. The speakers will have a maximum number of watts that they can handle without being damaged.

HDMI Inputs and Outputs

Inputs and outputs depend on the needs of the user. Home theatre speakers have more inputs and outputs in comparison to soundbars.

Support sound Technologies

Sound technology should often be looked for while buying a good system. The source exactly defines what you are looking for. The latest Apple TV supports the Dolby Atmos effect to have a fantastic sound experience. Bly-ray supports these similar sound technologies, which include Dolby Digital and many more. Blu-ray Disc is rarely preferred by people.


Is a soundbar as good as surround sound?

A soundbar can produce a surround effect in a limited area in the room. Whereas surround speakers are arranged behind or around you, which helps to get a much better surround effect covering a larger space in the room.

How do I choose a good soundbar?

After deciding the number of channels, you may require. If it is simply to increase your TV sound, you must go for a soundbar with 2.1 channels. And if you wish to have pleasant surround sound, you should buy a soundbar with a subwoofer and rear speakers.

Do watts matter in soundbars?

Higher the wattage, the louder the sound. It necessarily doesn’t mean that the soundbar with high wattage is always better speakers.


Now you are aware of these soundbar and home theater speakers, with the help of which you can have a pleasant audio experience. There are numerous options available in the market. So, this guide would help you to pick the best deal!


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