Hair Dryer Buying Guide India

Are you looking to buy a hair dryer that helps you to have a more elegant look? Choosing a hair dryer is not as easy as it seems. Here, we are here with hair dryer buying guide india.

There are some factors that need to be considered before buying a hair dryer which include watts of the hair dryer, weight, size, and heat adjustment. A hair dryer should be chosen depending on the hair quality and the texture of your hair.

A hair dryer helps in styling your hair and can be used by both men and women.

The best hair dryer buying guide india compiled below will help you with choosing the best Hair Dryer which best suits your hair. You can also find the best hair dryer in india.

Types of hair dryers:

1. Ionic or Tourmaline dryer

Tourmaline dryers use infrared heat and negative ions to dry your hair. If you don’t use plenty of tools while styling your hair, then a tourmaline dryer is the perfect one.  The ions and infrared heat, even in larger amounts won’t burn your stunning hairs. 

Ionic dryers release negative ions and help to break the water droplets present on the hair. It ensures fast drying and eliminates frizz from your hair. It helps in drying your hair much faster. 

Choosing between the two depends on you. If you want your hair to be frizz-free, retained with moisture you should go for tourmaline dryers. And if you want to save your time and make it dry faster then you need to buy an ionic dryer. This dryer is most suitable for thick, frizzy hairs. Tourmaline dryers are more expensive as compared to ionic dryers.

2. Ceramic or porcelain dryer

These dryers are the most ideal ones, as they are heat consistent which helps to distribute heat evenly. It is best suitable for dry and fine hair. These hair dryers are made of plastic and are coated with ceramic or porcelain. Ceramic materials used are toxic and non-resistant. 

A ceramic or porcelain dryer is suitable for all hair types and is mainly used for dry hair. In ceramic dryers, fewer negative ions are produced as compared to ionic dryers. These dryers reduce heat and also speeds up drying time. Infrared technology is used, which ensures longer energy waves that penetrate and dries the hair. It keeps our hair healthier.

3. Titanium dryer

These dryers are made of titanium and are largely preferred for someone having long hair. In titanium dryers, heat is distributed uniformly and keeps the temperature steady. It tends to get very hot. These types of dryers are not suitable for damaged, delicate, or fine hair. 

For thick and long hair, titanium dryers are widely used and also helps in reducing the drying time. These dryers are light in weight and travel-friendly. Titanium dryers are light in weight as compared to ceramic or porcelain dryers. It is easy to use and even flexible to use for long hairs.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide India 2021

  • Watts of the hair dryer

More the wattage, the hotter and faster the blow-drying. Hair-stylists recommend using a dryer with at least 1800 to 1850 watts to get speedy results. Wattage refers to the average consumption of power or capacity of the motor to run effectively. A dryer with high wattage helps to dry the hair quickly with very little heat. And a dryer with low wattage uses excessive heat to dry the hairs.

High wattage dryers reduce the time required for the styling. The efficiency of the dryer increases with an increase in the wattage. For a person, having fine thick hair and a dryer with 1800 to 2000 is more generally preferred. High power is required in styling long, frizzy, and thick hairs. Similarly, a low wattage dryer can be used for thin, flat, and short hairs.

  • Weight

A lightweight dryer is usually preferred as it is more comfortable and flexible to hold while drying your hair. Blow drying is quite a time-consuming process and heavy dryers are not comfortable enough.

A hair dryer should be chosen depending on the length of your hair. If you have long thick hair, it will take a long time. If the dryer weighs more, then carrying it for so long would be tiresome. For making it easy, one should choose lightweight dryers.

  • Size

Hair dryers should be compact and foldable. This makes it easy to take along while traveling globally. A hair dryer could be the best travel partner which will help to style your hair more elegantly. Dryers of small- size and ones which are foldable would be best for ones travelling very frequently. 

  • Heat Adjustment

A hair dryer will have multiple heat settings such as high, medium, and low heat settings. Heat can be adjusted accordingly as per the texture and quality of your hair. It is very crucial to use the required amount of heat as your hair requires. One can keep your hair healthy and prevent from causing damage, by setting the dryer at low heat. Using the dryer at a high heat setting will lead to damage your hair if it is already dried. 

A dryer that is suitable for all types of hair must be selected. A low heat setting works well for fine, thick hair. A medium heat best fits for normal hair. And for thick hair, a high heat setting is mostly preferred. 

  • Warranty 

A good dryer of a well-known brand will have a warranty period of almost one or two years. One should check the warranty of the product, before buying it. 

  • Ergonomics 

It is essential to have a dryer that perfectly fits your hand. A good handle will help you to work in a flexible way for hours without getting tired and frustrated. 

  • Cord Length

Having a hair dryer with a long power cord is always a benefit. It becomes easy to plug in anywhere wherever you want. If you don’t have a power outlet in your bathroom, you can blow dry your hair anywhere around. In order to have maximum efficiency, ensure a dryer with a long cord. 

  • The metal used – coil material 

The heating material used in the dryers is referred to as a coil and is made of nichrome. Nichrome is nothing but a combination of two metals Nickel and Chrome. It does not get oxidized easily on heating. The coil used produces uneven heat which can burn and damage your hair at high temperature.

  • Technology used

Different technologies are used in different dryers such as ionic technology is used by ionic dryers where ions are emitted, which breaks down water particles. It reduces frizziness from the hairs. Panasonic has introduced a technology called Nanoe Technology. It is referred to as a static atomization phenomenon. It locks the cuticles and makes hair healthier. 

Accessories of Hair Dryer:Accessories of Hair Dryer

  • Cool shot button  

To have sleek, shiny hair you should select a dryer that has a cool shot button. When the drying process is almost complete, it allows the dryer to blast your hair with cool air. Cool air seals the cuticles to have smooth, shiny hair. We need to switch from the heat setting when the process is almost completed, approximately 80% of the process and then we need to switch it off. 

  • Diffuser

They are just common types of attachments that will help to distribute hot air over large surfaces. Most suitable for wavy or curly hair, it helps to keep the texture intact and makes it more voluminous. It can be removed easily and can be used when needed. 

  • Concentrator Nozzle 

It is normally attached at the end of the hair dryer. It helps in reducing frizziness in hair. A nozzle can be used as a key to straightening and de-frizzing. 

  • Comb and pik attachments 

Just like a nozzle and diffuser, pik is attached at the end of the dryer. If you have curly or extra thick hair, it helps you in stretching out the natural curly patterns of your hair. This type of attachment will help in saving a lot of time and removing tangles from the hair. 

Other hair drying tips

  • By properly analyzing your hair, select the right products. 
  • Don’t forget to pre-dry your hair. Air dry your hair before using the dryer.
  • Select the dryer with all the attachments included.


We hope that this hair dryer buying guide india would surely help out with selecting the best dryer. When it is all about your amazing hair, it is not affordable to make any compromise in choosing it. Select a hair dryer that is affordable so that you have smooth, shiny, and glossy hair.  



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