Best Coffee Makers In India 2021

If you count yourself among the people who look for a cup of coffee the moment you wake up, then this article is for you! To combat the blues of Monday or to pull a day shift after a night of partying, the need for the perfect cup of steaming hot beans of coffee is something that can turn the day around.

But who has the time to spend time rushing to a café every morning? So, why not bring the café to your home? Introducing the 10 best coffee makers in India that will make sure that each cup of coffee that touches your lips is nothing short of perfection.

But before we go on to introduce you to the list of the best coffee machines, it is imperative to understand the factors and reasons you need to consider before investing in this machine.

Buying Guide: Coffee Maker

We as a country invest in a result-oriented basis, then why should this machine be any different? To make sure you find just the machine that is meant for your demands, there are some things that you would need to consider first.
Here are the things that you need to consider before purchasing the Coffee machine for your home or café.

Quality of coffee

Once we are out in the market the first thought is the amount of money you can spill out for a machine, the better your coffee would be. However, there is nothing farther away from the truth. Quality coffee can be simply produced on something as basic as an entry-level home espresso machine if you have a clear idea of how to achieve the taste you like.

A statement based on your personal tastes and preferences, all of these machines can help in the brewing of your coffee.

The quality of coffee is something that would depend on your capability to work with the coffee making machine instead of the sole operation of the machine alone.

Think about the cost in the long term

As with any investment, the Coffee machine price is something that needs to be considered. For example, is you finally opt for a single serving machine-like Keurig, you will be needing to put in money into buying the capsules and pods. If however, you plan to buy a drip machine, you would require to buy new filters and grounds or beans (according to your taste). It is therefore very important to weigh your options before you decide.

Check the Brewing Temperature

Building on the previous point, the quality of the coffee is more dependent on your understanding of the functioning of your equipment and one important thing of that is the brewing temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for a pot of coffee is 196 degrees F to 205 degrees F. If you get a coffee maker machine with a decent price that can brew at high heat, you have hit the jackpot. Most of the top of the line machines will have the temperature on the box, but if you can’t seem to find it, it would be better to steer clear of that product.

Quantity Requirement

Another important thing to consider is the number of coffee cups you drink in the day. If you are sufficed by a single cup of coffee in a day, the single-serving machine is something that would be perfect for you. But if you want your day to be filled with energy and caffeine throughout the day, you would need to find the biggest pot that is available in the market. People with the need for multiple cups a day often find a model that works with 12 cups a day.

Take Note of Special Features

Would you want your machine to wake you up with the strong aroma of coffee to energize your morning? Well, there is an automatic start machine that you can simply set up the night before. Or are you one of the people who forget to hit the off button? There are coffee machines that cover that as well with an additional automatic shut off coffee making machine.

There are other features that accompany the high-end models, so make sure to check the pamphlet before you go on and invest in a machine.

Think About the Cleaning Process

Any device you plan to add in your home comes with a different list of things that need to be done in order to make sure that it works in optimum condition. If you think to buy a coffee machine for home, you would need to consider the fact that it will need to be cleaned by you. It is therefore extremely important that your coffee machine is accessible enough to clean it easily, without eating up too much of your time, every day.

Consider Various Shopping Options

When you are planning to buy anything online, one of the biggest things to keep in consideration is the ability to return the product if you do not find it works for you. So, if something is wrong with the coffee making price or the making that doesn’t work for you, you should have the capability to return the packaging. One of the best places to buy is Macy’s thanks to its excellent return policy, though it might be a little heavy on the pocket in India.

Types of Coffee Maker

Now that you have a clear idea about the considerations, the next thing you need to know to find your best Coffee Maker in India is the different types of the machine available in the market.

With many different ways to make the same cup of coffee, from cold brew to the smooth and creamy French Press, there is a separate type of machine that takes care of all your coffee needs. But are you sure that you know about every model available in the market right now? If not, do not worry for we have you covered.

Let us explore the different types of coffee makers you can choose from.

Drip Coffee Maker

One of the most familiar faces in the coffee machine catalogues, these coffee making machines are often used at home. Staring along with some sitcoms, they can work with a capacity of one single cup up to 14 cups making it perfect for a small office setting or just an evening coffee with your friends. Some drip coffee maker machines can come with additional brewing systems such as a hot water dispenser or a simple single-serve brewer compiled along with K-cups for more versatility.

Pour-over Coffee Makers

One of the more gentle brewing methods, the coffee maker works with medium-coarse grounds that are placed in a single cone-shaped funnel with a filter. After this, the hot water is added to this ground in batches to achieve the rich full-bodied cup of coffee.

One thing to note about the pour-over coffee makers is that this is best for a single cup serving of coffee and might take up too much time if you are planning to host.

Single-serve Capsule Coffee Maker

Though this coffee maker uses the same technology as the drip coffee, this is more of a smaller-scale project. With a pre-ground and measured working of the pods to deliver a consistent and fresh cup of coffee every time. This is one of the coffee making machines that run a pre-set amount of hot water in your cup directly through the grounds, giving it the extra earthy flavour you like.

French Press coffee maker

By gently steeping coffee grounds in boiling water, the French press coffee machine is most famous for its smooth and rich flavour. It is said that the longer you steep the coffee in this machine, the stronger flavour of the beans you will experience in the cup. This is the machine for the caffeine aficionados, who like their coffee to taste strong and full of flavour.

Aero Press Coffee Maker

If you are a busy person who doesn’t have too much time to make the perfect coffee, this is the best product for you. A simple, quick, and easy to clean than most of the cleaner mentioned above, the Aero Press Coffee maker is the perfect addition to your kitchen to make espresso, Americanos, and even cold brew coffee by allowing the grounds to seep for barely one minute. If you want perfect coffee and you want it fast, then this is the coffee maker machine for you.

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Are you tired of your watery iced coffee, well we have just the product to make that go away! A machine that steeps coarsely ground coffee, without using any heat this machine will provide you the rich and full-bodied brew. So, if you want to combat the heat with a fuller, deeper, and more flavourful cup of coffee, this is the machine for you!

Espresso Coffee Maker

Another one of the most famous names on the list, the espresso machine can often be found as an indelible part of offices, especially the ones that work for 24 hours. There are several different types of Espresso Coffee Machines including

  • Manual Machines: Allow you to control all the variables
  • Semi-Automatic Machines: Allow you to control the amount of water but not the pressure
  • Automatic Machine: Takes care of all the controls
  • Super-Automatic Machines: filled with pre-programmed settings, this is majorly a press-and-go espresso
  • Capsule Machines: One that uses coffee pods.

Stovetop Coffee maker

For the people who like their coffee dark and full of flavor, this is the coffee making machine for you! A dark brew which is comparable to that of espresso, the Stovetop Coffee maker works with heat and steam to give you a dark cup of coffee that is a brilliant base for cappuccinos and lattes.

Grind and Brew Coffee maker

Usually confused with a simple Drip type coffee maker, this machine comes with an option to grind your coffee beans just immediately before brewing. This is the most popular among people who like their coffee to be fresh. The Grind and Brew also come in two alternatives:

  • Blade Grinders: Single blade-like food processors
  • Burr Grinders: to pieces of hard metal grinding the beans with more precision and consistency.

Made for the people who are invested in their coffee, this is one of the best machines to have if you like to grind your coffee at home and simplify the process.

Vietnamese Coffee maker (Phin)

Made for the people who want a single serving of hot beans blending in milk in front of their eyes, the Phin is very similar to a small pour-over. A machine capable of giving you the strongest coffee, it typically brews into a cup that is filled with a small amount of sweetened condensed milk.

Siphon Coffee Maker

A more gentle approach to coffee making, these machines use water just touching the boiling point for combining with the grounds. The lower temperature, in this case, allows the coffee to brew in a more delicate fashion without over-extracting the flavour. This product is best for the coffee geeks who love science and want to maximize the flavour in their coffee.

Percolator Coffee Maker

The machines that existed before the drip coffee machines to provide you with the same flavourful and strong cups of coffee, you can get two variants in the Percolator Coffee machine; a stove or an electric model. This is the best device to make a delicious and hot coffee with the aroma filling up your entire house.

10 Best Coffee Makers in India 2021

Now that you have everything you need to find the best coffee maker for your home, let us look at the coffee making machines taking over the Indian market as we speak. A collection of pristine reviews a great user experience and excellent design have all combined down to make these coffee makers the best in business today.

1. Café JEI French Press – A Café at Home


Café-JEI-French-Press-CoffeeIf you are one of the caffeine buffs who like to be in charge of their own brewed coffee every morning then this is the perfect coffee machine for your home. With a small design and easy to operate design, this coffee maker can come along with you for even a short weekend trip.

So, if you can’t recognize your home without the aroma of coffee this machine is just waiting to be bought by you. Just pour boiling water on your already ground coffee to enjoy a rich and more tasteful cup of coffee on your table. Along with that, the coffee making machine can also be used to make tea, espresso, cold brew, and even lattes.

With a four-level filtration system, followed by a complete top lid strainer, this piece of beauty will make sure you have the most perfect brew with no grounds to disturb your drinking experience.

Features of Café JEI French press Coffee and Tea Maker:

  • Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass allowing you the pleasure of watching the coffee brew
  • Non-slip Handle with clean, modern lines to ensure ease and convenience while handling
  • High-Grade stainless steel to provide that resilient shine while at the same time protecting your machine from rust.
  • Coffee measuring spoon, for the perfect measurement of your coffee.


  • Sturdy and trustworthy brand accompanied by high-quality material
  • Easy to clean the device with good glass and steel
  • Portable device with no need for electricity
  • Best for a 2 cup coffee and 6 espresso cup in an instant
  • Accompanied with a year warranty.


  • Small filter leading to the spilling of the coffee granules.

Perfect addition for the people who want to control every single aspect of your coffee making, this is more than just a mechanic coffee maker. This is a café at home.

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2. InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker

-A window to the past while holding hands with the future

InstaCuppa French Press Coffee MakerAnother product doing well in the self-brewed coffee department, the InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker comes with a four-part microfiltration system that is made to keep the coffee granules. To make sure that every sip you take is made up of the smoothest and most clear cup of coffee.

Along with this, what puts this product in the list for the best coffee machine in India is the durability, thanks to its premium grade 18/8 stainless steel along with a special borosilicate glass carafe.

A beautiful authentic timeless design with beautiful measurement right on the product, this coffee machine is your window to the ancient times while holding the hands of the future. A single sip of the steaming hot coffee and your day will take the turn for the better.

Features of InstaCuppa French Press Coffee Maker:

  • A 4-part micro filtration for a smoother cup of coffee
  • High-quality Borosilicate glass for a more durable use
  • BPA free design to improve your health
  • Measuring made right on the glass to make sure you utilize every last grain of your precious coffee powder
  • Dishwasher safe and otherwise easy to clean device.

Still, confused if this is the right coffee making machine for you? Let us tally with the pro and con list


  • Portable device with no need for an electrical connection
  • Authentic and precious design
  • Measuring marking right on the glass to improve your guess
  • 4 in 1 use as a pitcher, loose-leaf brewer, milk frothing and of course coffee and espresso maker
  • 1-year warranty for any repair


  • Reports of granules of coffee sneaking in through the filter
  • Glass is claimed to be a little weak and prone to breakage

A favourite for quite a number of users, this coffee maker machine is something that you would need to invest time with. A beautiful specimen, the coffee machine would definitely enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

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3. Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee Maker

-The perfect combination of strength and durability

Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee MakerThough ideally an English based company, the sale of this particular product has shot up in India thanks to the innovative and effective design that is accompanied by a durable and stable design.

The perfect companion to make anything from mocha to cappuccino to the espresso shots, this coffee machine is perfect for small families or for people who like to drink coffee throughout the day.

One of the most celebrated features of this coffee maker is the possibility to adjust the strength of the coffee helping you set the flavour and concentration as per your requirements.

Equipped with an attractive glass carafe, this machine will allow you to collect and pour the coffee as easily as a jug.

Features of Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee maker:

  • 4 cup capacity making it best for small families
  • Coffee strength adjustability feature to help you achieve just the taste you want
  • Overheat protection to ensure that you and your product is safe
  • 800W motor providing a powerful performance without increasing your electricity bill

To make your decision-making process a little easier, here is the list of pros and cons for the product.


  • 800W power consumption will not affect your electricity bill
  • 4 cup capacity
  • Temperature indicator dial
  • Milk frothing nozzle
  • Removable drip tray to keep the surroundings clean
  • Overheat protection
  • Compact and light in weight
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • A difficult product to find replacement parts for
  • Not too tall requiring a very small frothing cup.

An amazing product that solves more problems than others create, the Morphy Richards Fresco Espresso Coffee maker is something you should definitely have in your home.

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4. Coffeeza Lattiso Coffee Making Machine – Made in India

-Bringing Italy into India

Coffeeza Lattiso Coffee Making MachineA brand based and functioning in India, the Coffeeza company has long been providing a beautiful quality of coffee with a simple easy to operate the product and the Lattiso model is the most elegant out of the lot.

In comparison to other models of Espresso machines, this one, in particular, is especially light on the pocket without affecting the quality. One thing to consider however is that this machine works with a single cup at a time, making it a perfect home partner for bachelors.

Complete with an amazing glossy look and trim inspired by the Italian design concept, this machine can be matched with any kitchen interiors.

Features of Coffeeza Lattiso Coffee Making Machine:

  • Heats up quickly to provide freshly brewed coffee.
  • Auto turn off the feature for the people who are always in a rush
  • Built-in Flowmeter to keep a check
  • Removable drip tray to avoid any spillage
  • Works a long time requiring low to no maintenance.

To give you a more comparative look for the product here is the list of pros and cons of the coffee maker machine.


  • Perfect for making everything from espresso to cappuccino ristretto and lungo
  • Ideal size for home and personal office use
  • Elegant design and modern making
  • Auto-turn-off feature
  • Quick heating up product to brew the coffee
  • Low power consumption
  • 1 year limited warranty


  • Quality complaints from users
  • Not enough for large families.

The perfect make in India– use-in-India products, this plays an easy competition for all the foreign brands and comes ahead.

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5. Preethi Dripcafé Coffee Maker

-The perfect filter coffee maker

Preethi Dripcafé coffee MakerIf you want your cup of coffee to come out well coloured, well cooked and filtered, you don’t have to look any further than this. An especially liked equipment in the southern parts of India, this Filter coffee maker is one of the finest decocting machines to provide an unadulterated taste of heaven.

Since the design is that of a Drip coffee making machine, this device may take a few minutes to achieve the perfect level of heating, but the absolutely smooth coffee cooked at the right temperature has the power to lift up your mood as soon as it touches your lips.

Features of Preethi Dripcafé Coffee Maker:

  • A hidden 450 W heating element to accelerate the brewing process
  • A microfine filter for better decoction
  • Good quality heat resistant material to avoid accidents
  • Controllable temperature control along with heat-sensitive fuse to make sure your hands are safe

To give you an idea of how this device made it on the list of the best coffee makers in India, let us understand the pros and cons


  • Produces fine and good quality coffee
  • Lightweight
  • Fast brewing, fine decoction
  • The machine keeps decoction warm while on
  • With Warranty: One year on product


  • A slightly outdated design doesn’t fit well with all the appliances
  • Plastic doesn’t give the durable impression

If you think that a cup of filter coffee a day is your necessity, then this is a machine that you should definitely own.

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6. Philips HD7431/20

-Simple no-fuss coffee

Philips HD7431/20Are you a person who simply wants a normal cup of coffee in the morning without any fuss, then the Philips HD7431/20 is just the right product for your home. A simple elegant coffee maker that can whip up 6-7 cups of delicious brewed coffee in no time.

Armed with an Aroma Swirl nozzle, this coffee making machine provides you with the best combination of milk, coffee, and aroma to lighten up your day. A great tasting coffee touching your lips every time you set up a brew, you will not have to worry about a single thing for this machine takes care of everything.

Features of Philips HD7431/20:

  • Aroma Swirl nozzle to fill up the air with fresh coffee aroma
  • Drip stop feature that allows you to interrupt coffee brewing whenever you want
  • Non-slip handle for better grip
  • Illuminated power switch for more clear use
  • Capacity up to 7 cups making it a perfect machine for families and offices
  • Space-saving design that goes along with all your appliances

To give you a more clear idea of how good or bad the machine is, tally your list with our pros and cons


  • Dishwasher safe parts and easy to clean model
  • Comes with a built-in washable filter
  • With Warranty: 2 years on product
  • Space-saving design
  • No-slip handle
  • The capacity of up to 7 cups
  • No-fuss design


  • Longer brewing time
  • Quick filtration leading to slipping of granules.

If you want your coffee in the morning without having to worry about boiling water and measuring out the powder, then this is the machine that will do everything for you!

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7. Tecnora Classico TCM107M coffee maker

-The perfect coffee wizard

Tecnora Classico TCM107M coffee makerA sleek, compact, and lightweight coffee machine designed to make your life easier, the Tecnora Classico TCM107M promises you the best coffee sitting right at home.

With a 6 cup design in one go, this amazing coffee maker machine comes with an electromagnetic solenoid pump to extract every drop of flavour from the beans providing a complete café experience right in your drawing-room. Along with this, the coffee machine comes with a powerful 1050 watt motor to steam, froth, and cream up your coffee with a single device.

With a temperature controller switch and an auto-off feature, this is one device that you need to get to your home today!

Features of Tecnora Classico TCM107M Coffee Maker:

  • Sleek, compact and lightweight machine
  • An additional electromagnetic solenoid pump to extract every bit of flavour
  • A 1050 watt motor allowing you to froth, steam or cream milk in one machine
  • Temperature control switch for better manual controls
  • Auto-off feature for the busy modern people.

Though it is not impossible to understand the position of Tecnora Classico TCM107M Coffee Maker on the list of best coffee makers in India, let us give you a comparative analysis to understand more deeply.


  • Built-in steamer spout
  • Pulse water delivery system
  • Smart auto-switch off feature
  • Powerful 15 bar Italian pump
  • 2 years of comprehensive warranty
  • 5liter (6 cups) detachable water tank


  • Loud noises and vibrations while in use.
  • A pricy model for a single family
  • Difficult to operate for beginners.

A wizard of coffee making, this machine has it all to make a single sip of coffee lighting you up enough to sing! This, however, would need to be a planned investment as it can prove comparatively heavy on your pocket.

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8. Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker

-The best filter coffee machine

Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee MakerA step away from the typical round design of coffee makers, the built itself is the statement of the outstanding product. Let your cup of coffee speak with a great aroma and rich taste. A product that mesmerizes you and all your guests with that great cup of coffee that can easily compete with any standing barista.

Prestige drip coffee maker, a godsend for those who love authentic South Indian filter coffee. With 650 watts motor, advanced design mesh filter, anti-drip mechanism, advanced brewing technology, water level indicator, etc, you can enjoy the perfect cup of coffee at the comfort of your home, without having to step out for even a second.

Features of Prestige PCMD 1.0 650-Watt Drip Coffee Maker:

  • Advanced filter design for thick decoction for the authentic taste of South India
  • Translucent Water gauge to check the level of water without having to open the lid
  • The brew basket with lifter handles to facilitate easy removal of filter.
  • Anti-drip valve to keep your device clean and hygienic
  • Steam Vent to ensure safety

Giving you a better understanding of the product, let our comparative analysis of the same via Pros and Cons:


  • Unique and delightful design
  • A brew basket to make it easier to clean the device
  • Anti-Drip valve to avoid spillage
  • High-quality making
  • Advanced technique of brewing
  • 1-year warranty


  • Limited to only 2-4 cups of coffee at a time
  • Cannot provide a thick decoction in comparison with the competition
  • Not good for making froth or latte or cappuccino.

If you are a fan of filter coffee, then this is a product you must have at your home!

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9. 3D Creations Coffee Machine

-The gas stove coffee maker

3D Creations Coffee MachineAnother Indian company in the leading list, this coffee machine is a brilliant cup of coffee sitting at your home below 1000 rupees. If you are a person who takes care of budget constraints seriously, this is the product for you.

This aluminium percolator has the limit of brewing 6 cups at a single brew. As it is given a matt completion which gives a work of art and rich appearance. Aside from that, this item likewise incorporates a comfortable handle and non-reactive inside which prevents undesirable smells and tastes in the water.

Features of 3D Creations:

  • A coffee machine which doesn’t run on electricity, the 3D Creations uses stove to prepare the coffee
  • Aluminium percolator has the capacity of brewing 6 cups at a time
  • Classic and Elegant appearance
  • Comfy handle and non-reactive interior for your safety
  • Best for filter coffee, Italian Espresso, decoction coffee maker, mocha and many other

To give you a more clear idea of the product, let us explore the pros and cons


  • Durable aluminium material
  • Includes permanent material
  • Comfy handle and non-reactive interior
  • Coffee percolators
  • Brews up to 6 cups of coffee
  • The handle doesn’t get hot during usage
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Doesn’t work without a gas stove.

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10. Black +Decker BXCM1201IN

-The simple solution for the entire family

Black +Decker BXCM1201INThe Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker is the coffee maker you were looking for your entire family. Let your coffee speak up with great taste and rich aroma thanks to your secret companion in the kitchen, the Black+Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker.

Complete with its sleek design and advanced functionality like the digital display feature, this 1.5L carafe can make 12 cups of coffee at a single time. A convenient to use design complete with a digital display this coffee maker manages up to 4 additional functional features with a simple touch and use design.

Entertain in the comfort of your home with your favourite book and the perfect brew, thanks to brand new Black+Decker 12 cup drip coffee maker in your home.

Features of Black+Decker BXCM1201IN:

  • Keeping warm features allows you to store hot coffee without losing temperature for up to 2 hours
  • Electronic Control with digital display to brew the coffee just how you want it.
  • Anti-Slip feet for better grip
  • Permanent Nylon filter to make sure you have this companion for a long time.

Now that you have a clear idea of what the product is, let us go through the pros and cons.


  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Comes at reasonable prices
  • Anti-slip feet and nylon filter
  • 12 cups at a time capacity
  • Perfect for home and offices
  • Electronic control switches
  • Digital display and water level indicator
  • Backed with 2-years warranty services
  • 900 Watts power
  • 220-240V working voltage


  • Small filter leading to the spilling of the coffee granules.

So, if you are looking for a coffee machine that will take care of your entire family in a single brew, this coffee making machine is the best choice.

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For our generation, with our fast lives and long days, coffee is the fuel that keeps us going. This is why your choice of a coffee maker can make or break your day. So make sure you make an informed decision! Don’t forget to check our other articles about juicer reviews and 10 best microwave ovens in India.

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