Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Purifier – Complete Review

Drinking borewell or tank water directly is not advisable for living a long-term healthy life. Your tap water can contain multiple pollutants and contaminants that can cause various water-borne diseases and may prove to be harmful to your health. Assuring that your drinking water is safe and clean to consume is the first step towards the prevention of these diseases.

It is recommended to consume safe and purified water for good health and overall well-being. One such healthy practice is consuming copper water daily as it helps in boosting your immunity and metabolism naturally, keeping you away from various diseases.

Even Ayurveda recommends drinking copper enriched water to improve metabolism, digestion, stimulate the brain and its functioning, and fight obesity. Copper is beneficial for maintaining healthy white blood cell count and to ward off germs and diseases. Moreover, the absence of necessary copper levels can make the immune system weaker and a human body becomes vulnerable.

Hindustan Unilever’s Pureit Copper + RO water purifier is an innovative water purifier that gives you 100% safe and pure drinking water, enriched with the goodness of copper. With its unique Copper Charge TechnologyTM it adds the right amount of copper in every glass of water you drink and that too instantly!

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In the current scenario, when everyone is looking at different ways to boost immunity, drinking copper enriched water is simple and easy to follow the practice. Pureit Copper+ RO infuses immunity-boosting copper, in RO purified water to offer various health benefits and improve your overall well-being.

Let us discuss the features of HUL Pureit Copper+ Mineral RO + UV + MF 7 stage Tabletop / Wall Mountable Black & Copper 8 litres Water Purifier.

Features for Copper RO:

  • Instant infusion of 99.8% pure copper

With its unique Copper Charge Technology™, Pureit Copper⁺ RO instantly infuses 99.8% pure copper in RO water. This ensures you get fresh copper added water in every glass you drink. Unlike drinking water from a copper vessel, you don’t have to wait for 8 to 10 hours to consume copper enriched water.

  • The right amount of copper in every glass of water

With Precise Dosing feature, it ensures that every glass of water gets the right amount of copper each time, to consistently deliver the health benefits. So, there is no worry about the quantity of copper. Consuming the right amount of copper is necessary to get the health benefits of copper water.

  • Dual Water Dispensing

Pureit Copper + RO water purifier gives a choice to consumers for drinking Copper charged water and normal RO water. The Dual Water Dispensing technology is unique and that makes this product outperforming compared to other purifiers. This saves time and effort in comparison to a copper vessel in which water first needs to be purified and then stored overnight as well.

  • Intelligent copper auto-cleaning

Copper being a reactive metal, it oxidises upon reaction with oxygen due to which copper vessels tend to develop a blackish/greenish layer on their surfaces that has to be cleaned every now and then. Pureit Copper⁺ RO’s Intelligent Copper Auto cleaning technology relieves you from this hassle by automatically cleaning the copper. Hence, no more worrying about the daily cleaning of copper vessels.

Other Features:

  • Seven Stage Purifying Technology

The product comes with an outstanding 7 stage RO+UV+MF purifying technology that ensures 100% purified water. These seven stages include pre-sediment filter, pre-RO carbon filter, mesh filter, reverse osmosis, membrane, UV reactor, and post-RO carbon filter. The purifying technology ensures that water is free from all the toxins and chemicals and is safe to drink

  • TDS Removal

TDS level is extremely important to measure the quality of the device. Whether you live in a metro city, small city or in a town, checking TDS levels will make you aware of the quality of water you drink. Pureit Copper + RO water purifier can turn hard water of up to 2000 ppm TDS level to drinkable water. It meets USEPA Compliant standards by removing 10 million viruses and 100 million bacteria from 1 litre of water.

  • Double Purity Lock

Pureit Copper + RO water purifier has a double purity lock facility. The device shows an advanced alert that warns you 15 days before expiry and the Auto Shut-off facility stops water and the filter is not charged.

  • Large Water Storage Capacity

A purifier having a small water storage tank is not preferable most of the times as there are other options for large water storage available at reasonable rates. A water purifier should have enough storage capacity that meets the requirements of the members in the house. This water purifier has water storage up to 8 litre that is sufficient for up to four people in a family.

  • Health Benefits

Copper has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it also helps to neutralize toxins. It helps to fight obesity and release various toxins from the body. Hence, choosing a water purifier that offers the benefits of copper in water becomes a wise choice.

Other Facilities:

  • The product comes with an installation kit and an external sediment filter
  • It also includes a 1-year warranty and takes care of the maintenance and servicing aspect during this period
  • Pureit Promise: Pureit promises total safety and well-being of all the consumers, employees, service providers and technicians while providing any service by following stringent health and hygiene practices
  • Customers can register their service request by dialling: 1860 210 1000

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Pureit Copper + RO water purifier is indeed the best product offered by HUL Pureit. The design of this product looks premium that makes your kitchen look elegant. If you are one who not only wishes to drink purified water but also wishes to drink copper charged purified water that is beneficial for the human body, this water purifier by Pureit could be the best option.

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